Why Edgewise?

Why is EdgeWise Different? Why Does it Work?

25+ Years building valuable customer relationships & ground-breaking teams.  We "get" it.

Traditional approaches to team development are internally focused.  Change the game for your organization by changing the way you play it - and it starts by looking out instead of in.

Get an Edge using your Customer's perspective .  Using real-work and customer experiences, powerful tools, & interactive experiences, your team can evaluate individual contributions and the organization through the eyes of your customers, creating insights that resonate with team members.

The results?  Your team members will gain a deeper understanding of how customers think & how winning teams interact. Change makes sense internally & externally so it works in the real-world and gains traction more quickly.

What Works: Connecting with People, Cultivating Talent, Winning With Customers

Leveraging a natural propensity for bringing people together, a knack for connecting with people quickly, and a straight-forward approach, I create an environment where people feel comfortable examining old behaviors, opening up to new ideas & making decisions to implement positive changes that benefit themselves, other team members & external customers .

Rather than “train” people, we help you develop your team through opportunities to identify & cultivate their talent, learn new skills, & understand their impact on the customer.

We use real-world work and customer experiences & proven tools to:

  • Find practical solutions to challenges
  • Communicate ideas more effectively
  • Turn conflict into healthy & productive dialogue
  • Help members stay committed to positively impacting the customer experience.



Our mission and privilege is to help people develop the skills, talents and
culture that positions them to win.

"Winning is fun!  It energizes people and fuels momentum that leads to more success. EdgeWise was conceived as a way to share opportunities, skills and tools that help people and organizations find more ways to win, and get an EDGE with customers, and on their competition. "

Michelle Laxa, Founder Edgewise Strategies


Track Record of Leading Innovative Teams, Building Valuable Partnerships & Creating Competitive Advantage

Prior to founding EdgeWise in 2012, I spent over 20 years working directly with customers in the corporate strategy & selling environment, building a reputation for leading powerful, innovative customer-centered support teams, developing profitable long-term relationships with customers, and consistently among the top sales performers. Customers & employers include leading national companies, and Fortune 100 & 500 companies where I had opportunities to learn from remarkable leaders and colleagues.


Amazon Web Services
Client Blue Cross
Client - Kelly Services
U of Michigan
Client - Konrady Plastics
Client - Spot Imaging