Why Edgewise?

Why is EdgeWise Different? Why Does it Work?

We provide the environment, language and tools for people to rewire the way they engage, understand and respond to one another, revitalizing their interactions, and forever transforming what they can achieve together.


With 20+ years of experience spearheading customer initiatives and leading cross-functional teams, we understand the dynamics and issues that surround teams in organizations. We’ve been successful working with family-owned businesses, helping them navigate the complexity between personal and professional relationships. We are a family-owned business, so we understand how family dynamics can help or hinder teams.

How was EdgeWise different than other consultants?

Our experience

We’ve worked closely with small business owners as well as the C-suite in large national organizations and bring a high level of business acumen and professionalism to our work. We focus on your business’ goals, what’s worked or hasn’t and why, so we can tailor our work to transform your teams’ dynamics and communication skills.

We’ve chosen powerful, proven, practical tools leveraged by our larger clients including Amazon Web Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kelly Services, and effectively implement them with smaller organizations providing a significant competitive advantage.

Our Four areas of focus are:

  • Building cohesive, high-functioning leadership teams
  • Developing engaged, proactive team members
  • Getting the best people in the right seats
  • Succession and exit-planning

Our Approach

Traditional approaches to team development are internally focused.  Change the game for your organization by changing the way you play it - and it starts by looking out instead of in.

Rather than “train” people, we help you develop your team members through opportunities to identify and cultivate their talent, learn new skills, and understand how they impact internal and external customers.

We focus on the impact and ROI our contributions provide. Our level of commitment and focus results creates a deep level of trust with our clients and ensures you will be able to achieve the transformation you need to take your business to the next level.

We use real-world work and customer experiences & proven tools to:


  • Find practical solutions to challenges.
  • Communicate ideas more effectively.
  • Turn conflict into healthy & productive dialogue.
  • Help members stay committed to positively impacting the customer experience.

The Results

Your team members will gain a deeper understanding of how customers think & how winning teams interact. Change makes sense internally & externally, so it works in the real-world and gains traction more quickly.

Ready to create a successful, thriving organization where employees communicate better, value each other’s strengths, meet challenges, and overcome obstacles TOGETHER?

Working with Dan and Michelle


Meet Michelle Laxa, Founder, Executive Advisor & Team Coach

Leveraging a natural propensity for bringing people together, a knack for connecting quickly, and a straight-forward approach, Michelle creates an environment where people feel comfortable examining old behaviors, opening up to new ideas, and making decisions to implement positive changes that benefit themselves, other team members & customers.

20+ years of experience spearheading customer initiatives and leading cross-functional teams.

Michelle understands the dynamics and issues that surround teams in organizations.  Throughout her career she worked with owners of small and medium-sized businesses, and later with C-Suite level leaders in large national corporations. She founded EdgeWise Team Strategies, to help organizations get an edge by creating the opportunity, environment, and tools for organizations to transform the way their teams operate and what they can achieve together.

Even the most successful teams experience communication issues and complicated dynamics.

People are complicated and the dynamics between people can make it hard for individuals to stay focused.  Working alongside leaders and team members, we help them leverage those complexities into opportunities to create clarity and align teams, so they can meaningfully contribute to the organization’s goals.

Today her team helps clients of all sizes build healthy, successful organizations that empower people to achieve their best.  She and Dan have been particularly successful working with family-owned and closely held businesses, helping them navigate the complexity between personal and professional relationships.  Because they are a family-owned business, they understand how personal dynamics can help - or hinder - teams.

What Works: Connecting With One Another, Sharing Successes, Learning from Mistakes, Inspiring Initiative

What clients value about working with Michelle is the deep level of trust she and her team builds because they focus on learning their business, and understanding their team’s strengths and challenges, tailoring work specifically to their organization’s needs. By sharing her own lessons learned (read: failures) and successes from working with teams, clients know she’s walked in their shoes and can work with them to transform challenges into opportunities.

Clients often refer to Michelle’s unique ability to help them see themselves and others from new perspectives, so they are able to change the way they connect and communicate ideas and insights in ways that resonate. This clarity allows people to become better leaders and teammates and make better, faster decisions. Once they realize the power that comes with reaching goals and winning, it forever changes what they expect of themselves and what they know they can achieve. It literally changes the game for an organization.           

Headshot -Dan Reinbold

Meet Dan Reinbold, Director Team Solutions, Team Coach

Discovering Your Sweet Spot Early

Dan started his professional journey with Edgewise as an intern in college, and was quickly recognized as an integral part of the team. He eventually joined the team full-time and immediately began contributing customized solutions for customers. 

Leveraging Strengths

Combining his knack for connecting with people quickly, with an ability to simplify abstract ideas to make them meaningful and relevant, he translates insights into action. His unique ability to  help team members see other’s perspectives creates buy-in around ideas and major initiatives.


Learning From Doing

The solutions Dan contributed to customers during the COVID 19 pandemic helped them not only survive, but thrive through the countless adversities and interruptions they experienced. He  is grateful to have the opportunity to learn from the amazing business leaders that he’s had the chance to partner with and looks forward to making meaningful change for years to come.


How was working with EdgeWise Different from working with other consultants?


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