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Long before we became Certified Exit Planning Advisors™, we were helping family and closely-held businesses navigate the complex balance between professional and personal relationships.

You Run Your Business …
We Coordinate The Planning Process And Professionals


Whether change is 15 years away or just around the corner – start planning now to:

  • Maximize Growth
  • Optimize Your Business’ Value
  • Avoid Unnecessary & Negative Impacts At Transition/Exit

The transition process is a mystery to most, and it’s hard to know where to start, so most don’t.

99% of Business Owners

think it’s important to their future to have a Transition Plan


have no written transition plan

48% have no plan at all

Why Do Business Owners and Leaders Wait to Plan The Most Important Event of Their Lives?

Our system simplifies the process and makes it easy to integrate planning into the work you are already doing in your business.

Team building solutions

What Team Members Are Saying:

“This is great team-building stuff. Michelle provided great reminders to see ourselves from our customer's perspective – and use it to affect how we talk, listen – everything.”

“I think some of our younger, less experienced guys learned that there are different personalities and different ways to work with different styles – and also realize that customers actually exist.”

“This workshop helped me separate out the emotion from the things that frustrate me about the Sales group. Michelle really helped the Ops group “get” the salespeople better so we work better together now.”

“Being new to my division, these workshops have been extremely helpful.  I’ve learned a lot about traits & styles of our Sales & Management teams before officially working with them.  It is going to be much easier to establish effective working relationships because I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned.”

“My revelation?  Focus on changing my behavior and solving the problem, not on the other person’s delivery - & don’t make it personal!”

“Michelle got us to think differently. The activities were good and really relate to all facets of life.  Helped with how to find common ground with management, as well as inside & outside customers. Much needed.  Nice presentation & interesting activities – Michelle has great energy!”

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