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A Better Approach and Tools

Whoever you hire is going to work within a team – so our system is designed to get insights from the group that needs to collaborate with the new person to get results together. The method we use makes it easy for them to help define the role, so that you can use the tools below to ensure the best ‘match’ when you are considering candidates.!

Industry-leading tools that combine 4 Sciences so you can uncover the whole person:

Communications Style Report

Communication / Interaction style

Determine how the individual needs to work with the rest of the organization to be most successful in the role, and our tools allow you to easily see how closely a candidate’s natural strengths can be (or can’t be) leveraged.

Professional Competencies Report

Professional Competencies

Our tool measures how developed individuals are against 25 job-related skills, ranking them from top to bottom. Understanding if they’ve developed the ‘Professional DNA’ needed to excel in a particular role, can determine likelihood and degree of success.

Driving Forces Report

Driving Forces (Motivators)

Uncover why a person is driven or motivated, and you can   discover if a particular individual is naturally wired to be energized or drained by what the job “rewards”.  When there is a match, extra energy can be use for innovation versus adapting.

Emotional Intelligence Report

Emotional Intelligence

EQ is the ability to manage both your own emotions and understand the emotions of people around you.  There are five key elements to EQ: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. We will measure the EQ of candidates to be sure they are equipped to effectively interact with your most precious capital: Your people.

A Better Process

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies, and now available to small and medium-sized businesses. Key positions impact any company - and no company can afford the costs and lost time associated with a ‘bad’ hire.


Create a Key Accountabilities Matrix

Our process includes leaders and key team members to design the role together.


  • Creates clarity & alignment regarding what the business needs from the role.
  • Establishes Priorities of the role.
  • Defines how success will be measured.

Key team members complete a Job Assessment, creating a data-based profile of the role that defines:


  • Interaction and communication style needed
  • Motivators - what the job “rewards
  • Professional DNA that needs to be developed (measures 25Competencies)

The Candidate completes the Candidate Assessment, resulting in an individual profile detailing:


  • Their unique interaction and communication style
  • What motivates, engages, energizes them
  • Their degree of Professional DNA development

Compare the Job Profile to the Candidate’s Profile to determine the strength of the “match”:


  • Highlight any “Gaps” between the candidate’s profile and what is needed to be successful in the role.
  • Identify areas of strength, and “Gaps”/ areas to do more discovery with the Candidate, using the interview questions provided
Gap Report Image (1)
Team building solutions

What Team Members Are Saying:

“This is great team-building stuff. Michelle provided great reminders to see ourselves from our customer's perspective – and use it to affect how we talk, listen – everything.”

“I think some of our younger, less experienced guys learned that there are different personalities and different ways to work with different styles – and also realize that customers actually exist.”

“This workshop helped me separate out the emotion from the things that frustrate me about the Sales group. Michelle really helped the Ops group “get” the salespeople better so we work better together now.”

“Being new to my division, these workshops have been extremely helpful.  I’ve learned a lot about traits & styles of our Sales & Management teams before officially working with them.  It is going to be much easier to establish effective working relationships because I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned.”

“My revelation?  Focus on changing my behavior and solving the problem, not on the other person’s delivery - & don’t make it personal!”

“Michelle got us to think differently. The activities were good and really relate to all facets of life.  Helped with how to find common ground with management, as well as inside & outside customers. Much needed.  Nice presentation & interesting activities – Michelle has great energy!”

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