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TTI Talent Assessment & Coaching Tools

TTI's Performance Systems® provide insights into human behavior in the workplace. This makes sense when we understand that management of productivity, attitudes and outcomes is most reliably measured by observable behavior.

TTI Success Insights Selected Among the Training Industry Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies for 2019.


Brain + Behavior Science

Examine the behaviors that individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, & the ability to demonstrate the competencies required in a role.


TTI Assessments Provides Insight into 4 Distinct Areas


Communications Style Report

Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself.

Achieving deeper knowledge of yourself and others provides the ability to interact more effectively with people – making the difference between success and failure in both your professional and personal life. 


Driving Forces

Driving Forces Report

Discover the motivations that drive your actions, and you will immediately be able to understand what situations tap into your natural energy and which are most draining. Knowing what ignites your passion – and what dampens it -  will help you make the biggest impact and contribution, at work and in life!

Competencies (DNA)

Professional Competencies Report

Identifies 25 core competencies that are key to success,

and ranks them from top to bottom, defining your major strengths and identifying well-developed capabilities to reveal where you are most effective in focusing your time. Designed to assist managing & developing a career, this section can also be used to develop an action plan to grow in areas where there is an opportunity for improvement.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Emotional Intelligence Report

Determine how well you sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Provides insight into two broad areas:

Intrapersonal and Interpersonal - in five dimensions


2.Self Regulation



5.Social Skills

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