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Love this, so I shared it with a group I worked with recently and was surprised at how it resonated with both those who struggle with self-confidence, as well as those who don’t.

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Deliver an Experience, Not a Presentation – Please

Would you rather watch a presentation or have an experience?  Even though the answer seems obvious, I asked 10 people this question and only one person said they’d rather watch a presentation (a very lazy neighbor whom I suspect thought that having an experience would require too much energy).  Here are just a few ways…

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The Best Engagers are Pretty Smart Cookies

Next time you’re preparing to engage with an audience – whether with one person, a meeting with 8-10, or a large group – if you want to make a connection, provide meaningful content and have a lasting impact, it may help to remember one thing: Chocolate chunk cookies. How the Brain Works Studies show that…

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Two Phrases That Change the Game with Customers & Team Members

If there was a vote about what everyone’s favorite word is, I believe I know which one would win. It’s certainly my favorite word, and that of every leader, team member and most especially every salesperson I’ve worked with.  The word: YES.  YES is almost always the answer we are looking for isn’t it? When…

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Build a Winning Team Dynamic

Success in any organization is based upon its employees and their ability to work together as a team. As much as any manager would love for this to happen organically, it takes a lot of work to get individuals at various levels with divergent personalities and skill sets all operating as a cohesive whole. Following…

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